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HCS Commercial Cleaning, Health and Safety Policy

HCS takes pride in offering a safe work environment for all of our staff and any person that may be effected by our activities. We recognise and accept our responsibilities as an employer to ensure our Commercial Cleaning Health and Safety Policy covers all necessary practical steps to meet these responsibilities.

To ensure our Commercial Cleaning Health and Safety Policy is followed by all staff, our continual training and educating of procedures assures all areas are followed as designed. We regularly review our standards to ensure we comply with any new regulations and to consistently adopt the safest most thorough practices.

To demonstrate our OH&S commitment we:

  • Comply with all applicable Legislation
  • Observe industry best practice standards with regard to the safety of its operations
  • Implement safe systems in the workplace
  • Maintenance of information and all records relating to employees’ health and safety
  • Ensure that "Health and Safety Principles" are standard work practise for individuals at all premises
  • Provide and maintain safe cleaning equipment
  • Provision of regular information, training and supervision to employees, ensuring their safety
  • Arrange and monitor the safe use, storage and transportation of all materials
  • Deliver an effective OHS program to ensure that all workplace hazards are identified, the associated risks assessed and appropriate measures introduced to control them

The provision and maintenance is the responsibility of both management and staff at HCS Group, we believe that every individual should be accountable for the health and well-being of themselves and everyone in the workplace.

Before we commence any contract; we perform a risk assessment for each site. Once completed a folder with the details of safety procedures for all takes and the use of all equipment and chemicals is placed on-site. This is supported by charts displaying correct chemical usage, lifting techniques and general safety requirements can be found in all cleaner's rooms.

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